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Solar Power - Photovoltaics or Solar Thermal Power Plants?
(PDF file - Paper: 8 pages - 296 kB, 10/2001)
PDF-Datei öffnen
Solar Thermal Power Plants for Hydrogen Production
(PDF file - Paper: 5 pages - 311 kB, 09/2001)
PDF-Datei öffnen
Simulation of Parabolic Trough Power Plants
(PDF file - Paper: 5 pages - 176 kB, 06/2001)
PDF-Datei öffnen
Shade Calculations in Photovoltaic Systems.
(PDF file - Paper: 5 pages - 67 kB)
PDF-Datei öffnen
Numerical Simulation of Photovoltaic Generators with Shaded Cells
(PDF file - Paper: 4 pages - 58 kB, 09/1995)

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