Renewable Energy and Climate Change

Renewable Energy and Climate Change Volker Quaschning RENEWABLE ENERGY AND CLIMATE CHANGE

338 pages, $ 115,00
ISBN 978-1-119-51486-2

John Wiley & Sons Ltd Chichester
2nd edition 2019
Translated by Herbert Eppel at HE Translations, Leicester, UK



Presented as a clear introduction to the topics of climate protection and renewable energy, this book demonstrates the correlations between use of energy, energy prices, and climate change. It evaluates and analyzes the current world situation (drawing on examples given from countries across the globe), whilst also giving essential and practical guidance on 'personal' climate protection. Each major type of renewable energy system is covered in detail and with an easy-to-read approach, making it an ideal manual for planning and realizing climate protection and renewable energy systems, while also being an informative textbook for those studying renewable energy and environment and sustainability courses.

Renewable Energy and Climate Change, 2nd Edition starts by examining our hunger for energy—how much we need, how much we use, and how much it is costing us. It then looks at the state of climate change today and the causes. Following that, the book focuses on how we waste and save energy. The remaining chapters look at the many alternative sources of energy generation, like photovoltaics, solar thermal systems and power plants, wind power systems, hydropower plants, and geothermal power. The book also delves into the current state of biomass energy and the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. It finishes with a look at the future of the subject, shining a light on some positive examples of sustainable energy.

- Clear overview on each state-of-the-art technology in alternative energy production
- Presents correlations between use of energy and energy prices, and climate change
- Provides guidance on what the reader can do to reduce their own energy waste
- Full-color figures and photographs throughout, data diagrams and simple calculations and results, and text boxes that highlight important information
- International examples of renewable energy in action

Renewable Energy and Climate Change, 2nd Edition is an excellent text for students and professionals studying or working on renewable energy, or environmental and sustainability alternatives. It will also benefit planners, operators, financers, and consultants in those fields.


  1. Our Hunger for Energy
  2. The Climate Before the Collapse
  3. From Wasting Energy to Saving Energy and Reducing Carbon Dioxide
  4. ‘Energiewende’ (Energy Transition) – TheWay to a Better Future?
  5. Photovoltaics – Energy from Sand
  6. Solar Thermal Systems – Year-round Heating from the Sun
  7. Solar Power Plants – Even More Energy from the Sun
  8. Wind Power Systems – Electricity from Thin Air
  9. Hydropower Plants – Wet Energy
  10. Geothermal Energy – Power from the Deep
  11. Heat Pumps – From Cold to Hot
  12. Biomass – Energy from Nature
  13. Renewable Gas and Fuel Cells
  14. Sunny Prospects – Examples of Sustainable Energy Supply
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1st edition 2010. ISBN 978-0-470-74707-0, 344 pages

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